• Customer Satisfaction Starts in Your Call Center

    Every person who answers the phone in your call center is the voice of your company. It’s not enough for your customers to reach a real person – they want someone who will solve their issue. This makes it essential that each customer care specialist is bright, personable, and professional. Those are the people you get from Volt Workforce Solutions.

    Volt is a proven partner in call center staffing. We’ve earned our reputation as call center staffing specialists by focusing on the factors that make a real difference for your customers – and your business:

    Candidate Screening

    Customer service skills are hard to capture on a resume. Volt’s in-depth screening process goes beyond keyword matching to uncover the qualities that matter to your callers – courtesy, intelligence, empathy, and energy. Through on-phone assessments, behavior-based interviews, and a range of live role-playing scenarios, we make sure your call center staff will be great representatives for your business.

    Call Quality

    Your customer doesn’t care about metrics – they care about their call. Placing the right person to help them begins with a clear understanding of your contact center environment – some situations require exceptional tact and empathy, while others require efficient troubleshooting. Volt gets to know your business and provides people with the skills and personality to deliver what your customers need.

    Employee Retention

    Meeting your SLAs requires qualified personnel who understand your business, products, and customers. This makes retaining your trained specialists just as important as recruiting. Volt’s proactive employee engagement process identifies opportunities for both encouragement and improvement so that we can address issues before they escalate – because happy employees are the key to happy customers.

    Experience Matters

    Volt call center placement metrics during the last five years:

    Annual call center assignments

    Annual help desk assignments

    Clients using Volt’s call center and help desk services

    US states where Volt agents are deployed


    Recruiting Skill Sets

    • Customer Service Representatives
    • Call Center Managers
    • Team Leads
    • Inbound/Outbound Agents
    • Help Desk Representatives
    • Collection Specialists
    • Inside Sales Representatives


    Put Volt's call center staffing expertise to work for you.

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