• Stop Searching, Start Hiring

    When you’re filling critical in-house positions, the goal is simple: hire the best person for the job. The challenge is how to find that person. Traditional recruiting methods, like posting an opening on your website or a job board, only reach people who are actively seeking new opportunities. That’s not enough.

    Volt gives you access to more direct placement candidates – and, more importantly, better candidates. While on average only 15 percent of the workforce is actively looking for a job, up to 40 percent of employees would make a change if they were offered a great long-term role. To connect with these passive candidates – people currently employed but open to new opportunities – our recruiters participate in industry forums, attend networking events, and seek out opportunities to directly connect with experienced specialists. This process gives you a better selection of talented people for your direct placement positions.


    Expertise in Our Industry – and Yours

    The most essential part of identifying top talent for your positions is understanding the skills necessary to succeed in the role – and that’s where Volt’s recruiters excel. Each of our dedicated regional Practice Hubs focus exclusively on specific verticals and skill sets, enabling each recruiter to specialize in the industry they serve. They can get deep into the details with both clients and candidates in order to find the talent that best suits each business we serve.


    Commitment to the Candidate Experience

    Job seekers who have a positive experience with Volt will recommend us to their colleagues and refer us to their friends. These referrals enable us to connect you with talented people who aren’t available through other sourcing methods, so we are dedicated to providing the best candidate experience in our industry. The best people in every field have a choice of where they work, and Volt’s roster of great clients allows us to offer career opportunities candidates won’t find anywhere else.

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