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    As your workforce grows, the burden on your organization’s internal teams grows with it – more contingent suppliers to monitor and manage, more invoices to process and pay, more key personnel spending time on recruiting processes instead of what they do best. Volt’s talent management solutions allow you to better manage this workload so your teams can focus on your business.

    Whether you’re seeking an end-to-end workforce management solution or want to address a specific business challenge, Volt has the experience and expertise to design a tailored solution that allows you to improve talent quality, reduce costs, control risks, and get more value from your entire workforce.

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    Managed Services Programs (MSP)

    Getting great results from your contingent workforce requires control and visibility of your entire contingent labor program – and that’s exactly what you get from our Master Vendor and Managed Services Programs.
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    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing enables you to take advantage of Volt’s recruiting expertise for internal sourcing, screening, and onboarding tasks while maintaining brand consistency throughout the process.
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    Outsourcing Services

    From engineering service and customer care to quality assurance and product testing, Volt offers a range of outsourcing services designed to increase the value of your products and your brand.
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    Payroll Services

    Payroll Services allow clients to leverage Volt’s administrative support and mitigate the misclassification risks that come with managing contractors as if they were employees. We have a simple process to deliver solid results: You recruit the candidate and we become the employer of record. Volt handles the time-consuming aspects of payroll processing for the employee and supplies a single, simplified invoice for this service. Whether you’re enrolling one person or a whole team, Payroll Services ease the burden on your internal team while reducing the costs of managing this aspect of your contingent workforce program.
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