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Through its managed services provider (MSP) solutions, Volt has a proven 20 year record of helping leading organizations recruit and manage top quality contingent talent to fill specialized skill needs, meet peak labor demands, and even outsource non-critical operations. More than 100 Fortune 1000 and emerging companies rely on Volt’s MSP services to improve the value and manage the costs of their staffing suppliers, statement of work projects, and independent contractors while ensuring greater visibility and helping to mitigate the risks of this growing portion of their total workforce. We provide MSP programs globally, with clients and service teams in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Many companies lack the tools and experience to effectively manage their growing non-employee workforce. Our client service teams collaborate with hiring managers, HR, and Procurement to efficiently recruit and manage qualified contingent workers while navigating increasingly complex regulatory rules, employment laws, and company policies.

Dependent on our client’s requirements, we offer the full range of MSP models:

Master Vendor MSP

Volt serves as the primary contingent recruiting supplier and works with a select network of Associate Vendors to deliver rapid access to qualified specialists for every open position. Volt acts as a single point of contact for your internal teams and manages Associate Vendor performance and invoicing.

Through Volt Consulting Group, we offer two other MSP solutions:

Vendor Neutral MSP

A vendor-neutral program allows qualified suppliers to compete to fill open requisitions based on candidate quality and cost. In this model, staffing suppliers can be tiered and supplier performance is tracked.

Hybrid MSP

The hybrid model combines the benefits of both vendor-neutral and master vendor models to fulfill a wide range of talent requirements. For example, the Master Vendor MSP can be used for administrative or light industrial positions, while a portfolio of suppliers can be managed in a vendor-neutral environment to ensure all specialized skills can be found for engineering and IT positions.

Learn more about Volt’s managed services.

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