Workforce Strategy

More than 20% of onsite workers at many companies are serving in a contingent capacity. A skilled contingent workforce provides tremendous operational flexibility for enterprise businesses, yet it also requires expertise and discipline to ensure the entire contingent program is properly managed. Volt Workforce Solutions provides that expertise. Our consultative focus on every aspect of your contingent labor program ensures your workforce strategy delivers long-term value for your business.

Volt manages your contingent staffing so you can manage your business

Workforce Quality

The quality of your talent defines the quality of your results

Successful recruiting relies on precision and expertise. By combining the national reach of our exclusive, industry-specific Recruiting Hubs with personal, accountable service from a network of offices across North America, Volt quickly and consistently delivers best-fit specialists who will improve your products, service, and customer satisfaction.

Risk Mitigation

With every detail in focus, the big picture is clear
With so many moving parts in your contingent workforce program, end-to-end transparency is essential to ensuring compliance with employee classification requirements, regulatory standards, and your own internal business policies. Volt reduces your exposure to risk and litigation by giving you complete visibility and control over every aspect of your contingent program.

Cost Control

Overcoming workforce challenges starts with understanding them
As a contingent workforce grows, the challenge of managing program spend grows with it. Volt offers superior service and competitive staffing rates on best-in-field talent, as well as Master Vendor and Managed Services Provider programs that help you reign in rogue spend, align supplier rates with local markets, and direct orders to the top-performing vendors.

Talent Shortages

Assemble a workforce that can capitalize on every opportunity
Across a range of disciplines, the demand for niche specialists is greater than the supply of qualified employees. That doesn’t mean you have to settle. Volt’s industry expertise, creative sourcing, and massive employee referral network give you an edge over your competition by delivering the experienced people you need, when you need them.
Having Volt manage your contingent labor program, either as a preferred vendor, Master Vendor, or through a Managed Services Provider (MSP) program, enables you to focus on your business with the peace of mind that your contingent program is under complete control.
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